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The script for Unmanned came about during a conversation that I had with a new colleague from work, who had been thinking about doing a story about the same topic, a woman military drone operator. Between my lived experiences of being a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and her ability to thread the moral and ethical complexities of Command and power, Unmanned aims to address a story very seldom told: That of our women UAV pilots and the trials and tribulations they face in service to our nation.

Sector: 2814

I have always had a special love for the Green Lantern superheroes, especially with being a 'creative person,' the idea of being able to manifest your thoughts into the physical, has always appealed to my inner-child. After reading the Simon Baz run of the Green Lantern comic series, I took it upon myself to write a TV series pilot based on the 'first' Muslim-American DC superhero. Being a veteran and a person of color has given me insight into what it is like to be judged before you are able to define yourself - something Simon Baz also deals with. Sector: 2814 is speculative script that is both a love-letter to the genre, as well as a capable Muslim-American lead action-packed TV show that could easily find a home on HBO.

Watch a Table-Read of Sector: 2814

Cornelius Adams

Science-Fiction has always been the truest of my true loves when it comes to genres, and having written many things military-centric, it was time to take an 'average sailor' and throw them out into space! Cornelius Adams is the pilot episode of Sci-Fi TV series that I would like to pitch to BET or other 'minority-centered' media platform that often lacks TV shows centered around science-fiction. The series explores what it really means to be human, and how we identify ourselves, each other, and those we would label as 'other.' 

Watch a Table-Read of Cornelius Adams

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