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Unmanned (2022)

An active-duty drone operator struggles with her decision to re-enlist in the Air Force when she receives life-changing news and a danger close mission reveals the true cost of saving lives. Unmanned is an examination of the affects war can have on those who serve - even those who fight it thousands of miles from the battlefield. This film was produced with grants from Missouri State University, and all of the cast and crew were made up of faculty and current and former students from the Department of Media, Journalism, & Film, and the Department of Theater & Dance.

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18 Years In (2018)

18 Years In was born out of a conversation I had with a student in one of my classes. They had asked me about being a part of the first wave of troops to attack Afghanistan after the attacks on 9/11, and when I found out that they were born a month after 9/11 and had just turn 18 - and that they were now old enough to enlist and fight in the war I had started 18 years earlier... I needed to tell this story. This was a self-funded film, and while I wrote, acted, and directed in the film (more out of a lack access to actors, than to be in my own film), I relied on my students to help produce, shoot, and edit the film as a big Independent Study. This is by no means a 'perfect' film, but it's a labor of love and the effort that we all put into it was able to gain some mild recognition. 

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