18 Years In (2018) Trailer 

18 Years In is a story that, had a few things played out differently in life, could be the current situation that I find myself in. This film examines what it would be like had I had a daughter at 20 (instead of 34), and her desire to serve in the military – just like her father, uncles, and great-grandfathers did, after graduating high school. The narrative explores the struggles that this version of myself would have had to overcome (including self-doubt, survivor’s guilt, and PTSD) while reflecting on his time in the navy and in war; while also balancing the positive attributes and experiences he gained from his service, and his daughter’s desire to follow in his footsteps. On top of struggling with his own internal journey, this film also aims to point out that we are entering our first true generational war, where the children of those who started this war 18 years ago, are they themselves enlisting to fight in the same countries, for the same reasons, and against the same ‘enemy’ that we did. But we don’t talk about it. We don’t see stories in the news about it. Almost 80% of Americans can’t even find Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan on a blank map – even though we’ve been at war there for nearly two-decades (btw, they are right next to each other…).